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Afternoon Tea: Magic School

Join us for a Magic School themed Afternoon Tea!

Entrees (one per person):
Cornish Pasty: A classic magical treat filled with rich meat and a flaky crust that casts a spell on your taste buds. (addt’l charge)
Vegetable Pasty: Garden’s bounty captured in a crust where flavors burst with every bite. This pasty is a tribute to herbology class.
Phoenix: A dish as mythical as its namesake, roasted chicken infused with the zest of fiery chipotles and vibrant charm of bell peppers, creating a taste that rises and tantalizes the palate.
Cranberry & Brie: The tartness of cranberries meets the creamy decadence of brie – each bite a lesson in the harmony of contrasts.
Bacon, Apple, and Cheddar Melt: The smokiness of bacon marries the sweet crunch of apples and the rich melt of cheddar in this enchanting walk through the end of autumn.

Scones (one per person):
Rosemary Pecan Rock Cake: An homage to a gentle giant, this scone combines the earthy presence of rosemary with the hearty allure of pecans reminiscent of the sturdy cobblestone path that leads to the beloved keeper’s hut.
Cranberry Orange: With the bold zest of orange and bursts of tart cranberry, this scone becomes a bite of true magic.
Tarts (one per person):
Lemon Treacle: The tangy zest of lemon and the deep, rich sweetness of treacle is a bewitching combination that’s sure to remind you of a magical evening in the great hall.
Pumpkin Pie: Evoking memories of magical family gatherings around grand tables, this tart captures the very heart of the season.

Spotted Dick: A classic, speckled with fruits and steamed to perfection, this treat is a nod to the centuries-old traditions that enchant to this day.
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Quickbread: Like an incantation in bread form, the rich allure of pumpkin dances harmoniously with the tangy swirls of cream cheese.”

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Nov 26 2023




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