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Metta and Gratitude: Sound Healing with Bhante Rahula

December 17, 2023 - 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Metta and Gratitude: Sound Healing with Bhante Rahula

Experience profound rejuvenation through the transformative art of Metta Sound Healing and Meditation, guided by the esteemed Bhante Rahula. With a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth, Bhante Rahula embarked on his journey as a Buddhist monk from a tender age amassing over 30 years of profound wisdom and practice.
Having shared his enlightening teachings across Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States, Bhante Rahula embodies a legacy of compassion and insight. For the last 17 years he has been teaching in the United States under the revered Bhante Sujatha, globally known as the “Loving Kindness Monk”.
As a certified sound therapist, Bhante Rahula orchestrates therapeutic symphonies using crystal singing bowls, tapping into his profound understanding of the harmonious interplay between sound, healing, and meditation. With a deep grasp of the impact of sound on the brain waves, he bridges the ancient teachings of Buddhism spanning 2600 years and the timeless practice of sound healing to create a seamless and restorative fusion.
This session specifically focuses on gratitude and reflection as we approach the end of the year. Your journey to inner tranquility starts here.
Please bring something to sit or lay on – a yoga mat, pillow and blanket are recommended. Space is limited so be sure to register ASAP!

Fees/Admission: $35

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