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North Benton Street Mural

Within the mural, artist Mauricio Ramirez chose to combine several symbolic icons to represent the history and beauty of The Square.  “With its more than 130 years of musical history, attention is brought to the musician in the piece.  The roses are a nod to the beauty that blooms around the area, bringing life, warmth and charm to the concert season.  The music and natural beauty are embodied by patriotism, followed by a Greystone-finished statue with rich detail which serves as an inspiration for tranquility and garden beds.

Woven between the details is the historic Woodstock Square, outlined by the green grass and trees that pave the way along the sidewalk, streets and its many unique businesses.  Just like The Square, the piece brings together aspects from different walks of life to a place of gathering, where culture is displayed and proudly played.”

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