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Your True Note

Transform the way you interact with your clients – Sales Performance Coaching for Wealth Advisors and other sales professionals.

At Your True Note, we transform the way you interact with your clients. We do this by bringing together both head AND heart into the sales process, resulting in more thoughtful and concise messaging your clients can understand and act on. In other words, we simplify the complex.
Our approach incorporates lessons from both Cassandra’s expertise as a musician, producer, and performance coach, and Cheryl’s expertise as an advisor sales coach, financial product specialist and CFP to help you uncover and develop your true authentic communication style so you can do three things:

1. CAPTIVATE your audience, whether it be a 1:1 client meeting or a large client event;
2. MOTIVATE them to act on your recommendations (in other words, close business!!); and
3. CREATE the outcomes that benefit your clients AND brings you the success you deserve.

We currently offer 1:1 coaching packages, quick impact performance prep sessions, and onsite and offsite workshops that will help you and your team uncover Your True Note.

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