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Afternoon Tea: Tea in the Shire

September 1, 2023 - October 1, 2023

Afternoon Tea: Tea in the Shire

Join us as celebrate Hobbit Day (Sept 22) all month long with Afternoon Tea in the Shire.

Choice or pot of hot tea or iced tea

Entree (choice of 1 per person)

Broccoli & Gouda quiche with potato crust (GF) – A delightful twist on Samwise Gamgee’s beloved “po-tay-toes”, this quiche features a golden potato crust, filled with tender broccoli and melted Gouda cheese

Bacon & Caramelized Onion quiche – Inspired by the simple yet heartwarming fare of the Shire, this quiche combines the smoky richness of bacon with the sweet depth of caramelized onions, reminiscent of a comforting meal in a Hobbit’s cozy kitchen.

Cold Chicken Sandwich – Inspired by the comforts of Bilbo’s pantry in Bag End, this light and refreshing sandwich features tender chunks of cold chicken mixed with fresh herbs and mayo, served on soft potato bread, and accompanied by crisp slices of cucumber—perfect for a hobbit’s luncheon.

Scotch pie (addt’l charge) – These savory pies, brimming with rich fillings, are a gastronomic ode to the unexpected dinner Bilbo hosted for the Dwarves.

Scone (choice of 1 per person)

Lembas – Evoking the enchantment of timeless Elven artistry, our Lembas features a delicate, light brown exterior that yields to a creamy, soft center. A subtle touch of rose water graces each bite, capturing the ethereal essence of Elvish magic.

Apple & Oat Scone – wholesome oats and delicious apples are the perfect scone sharing for your first or second breakfast.

Tart (choice of 1 per person)

Apple raspberry “roses” – As if plucked from an afternoon at Bag End, this tart marries the sweetness of apples with the tang of raspberries, encapsulated in a scrumptious, buttery crust.

Pear Camembert tart – A delightful balance that combines the rustic allure of the Shire with hints of the sophistication found in the Elven realms. Creamy Camembert finds its match in sweet, ripe pears.

Add-ons (addt’l charge)

Honey & Lavender Entrement – Delicate layers of honey-infused sponge cake are harmoniously paired with a fragrant lavender cream filling.

Pickled Vegetable Salad – A zesty assortment, inspired by Gandalf’s occasional mention of pickles. Crunchy, tangy, and reflective of the abundant gardens dotting the Shire.

Carrot & Seeds Mini loaf (GF) – Grounded in the Shire’s love for garden produce, this quickbread intertwines the sweetness of carrots with the rustic crunch of seeds. It’s a gluten-free journey through Middle-earth’s farmland.

Fees/Admission: $23

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