Expedia Calls SetJetting The Travel Trend of 2023 and Woodstock is Ready


Seattle company SetJetters already has the app for it and Real Woodstock is excited to announce their partnership with SetJetters, allowing users and visitors to find where their favorite movies were shot!

With the largest mobile movie scene database in the world and growing, SetJetters is aggregating
global scene locations and the film tourism community. Users can navigate to the exact location where
the camera was, stand in the scene, and recreate the scene with the SetJetters ShotSync, creating a
“then and now” composite image that can be shared across the SetJetters social feed.

The concept of Film Tourism (SetJetting) was explained recently on the Today Show and explores the
statement from Expedia that SetJetting is the travel trend of 2023. To get up to speed on SetJetting
enjoy this 2 minute explainer video from the SetJetters team!
SetJetters is built for film tourists and Main Street. We’ve gathered film tourists on our app – bypassing
Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, so businesses can access the exact
demographic they want; tourists visiting movie scenes near their business.
If there isn’t a scene nearby, users can submit a scene to the database and receive credit for their
contribution. We also have our first game features, allowing users to collect a badge when they visit a
scene. When they collect scenes they work their way up the leaderboards, much like Pokemon Go. Plus,
brands have the ability to create their own Sponsored Collection Badges!
SetJetters was created by out-of-work filmmakers and gaming enthusiasts during Covid and launched in
June 2021 in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, with three founders in Seattle, Washington.
Now that the world is opening up, SetJetters (film tourists) are using SetJetters mobile app to discover
the world around them through their favorite films.