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Crisiswear Clothing Inc

Established in 2001, Crisiswear is devoted to pursuing an atypical approach to clothing design; one that celebrates pushing the envelope, while also staying firmly rooted in classic design and manufacturing methodologies. Both practical and striking, intricate and asymmetrical, Crisiswear clothing mates clean military aesthetics to geometrical patterns that flatter the curves and contours of any human body.

Every garment produced in the studio is custom-made, handcrafted, and double-stitched to ensure longevity for active lifestyles. The apparel utilizes natural and ethically sourced materials to provide comfort and protection from the harsh elements of nature and urban environments alike. Crisiswear is a label dedicated to outsiders, misfits, and the forgotten, offering a new take on cutting-edge, future-forward styling that is as exciting and exotic as it is comfortable and durable.

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