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Emricson Park

Paved walking trail, play structures, sand volleyball court, baseball diamond, lots of picnic tables and pavilions.

Winter in Woodstock is great too. In search of more wide, open space?  Public Works and the City of Woodstock have a plan.  New for 2022, the City of Woodstock has contracted with local snow removal company, The Langton Group to clear the walking path at Emricson Park.  Expectations are that within 2 days of a snowfall event, after the streets and other downtown areas have been cleared of snow, work will begin at the city park.  Approximately 1.65 miles of Emricson’s recreation path will be cleared of snow this year creating a walkable winter in Woodstock.  Due to elevation changes and to be environmentally friendly, the path will not be salted.  There is the chance of intermittent icing and drifting snow on the path.  Use caution but enjoy all that Woodstock has to offer.  Still keen on more winter adventures in Woodstock,  Emricson Park is still the place for you.  The sled hill on the East side of the park is a great time for young and old.  While the path may be clear there is still plenty of snow to snowshoe through the park or adjacent to the path itself, or glide through on cross country skis.

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