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Woodstock Groundhog Days Festival

This annual festival celebrates Woodstock, IL, starring as Punxsutawney, PA, in the 1993 Bill Murray comedy film classic “Groundhog Day.”

In 1992, director Harold Ramis chose Woodstock as the location for shooting the comedy classic film “Groundhog Day.” It has made Woodstock an endless point of interest, bringing visitors from all over the world. The Woodstock Public Library has information and exhibits on the filming of the movie, plus there are numerous placards marking significant filming locations throughout downtown Woodstock. You can even book a room at the house from the movie, now known as The Cherry Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast. Woodstock is host to the annual Groundhog Day Festival that pays homage to the film and includes a walking tour of sites in the movie, as well as the groundhog’s prediction for when winter will end. Printed walking tour maps are available at the Real Woodstock Visitor Center and the self-guided walking tour video is available on the Real Woodstock YouTube channel.

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