Real Woodstock announces the debut of “Woodstock, Next Stop”


Real Woodstock announces the debut of “Woodstock, Next Stop” a jingle commissioned specifically for the city of Woodstock by Real Woodstock and created by Woodstock residents Scott and Bethany Fritz of Stranded on A Planet productions.

When the idea of a city jingle was raised to Real Woodstock President Danielle Gulli, she ran with it.
“We all have those couple of jingles that stick with you in your lifetime and the thought of one for the
city of Woodstock was too good to pass up.” As fate would have it a member of the Real Woodstock
board connected local resident and jingle writer Scott Fritz with Ms. Gulli. Scott Fritz of Stranded on a Planet, was eager to jump on the chance to write, record and perform a jingle for his newly adopted
hometown. Having previously written songs for global campaigns such as Coca-Cola, Lyft and Facebook, the idea of working on a song for Woodstock was a chance not to pass up.
“Woodstock, Next Stop” was created out of love and born and evolved quickly.  Bethany and Scott Fritz, former residents of Chicago, had always romanticized small town life.
Three years ago after taking the train to Woodstock they decided to make the leap. In the
poignant words of Bill Murray, “let’s live here!” Although Woodstock is not exactly small, they
have found a wonderful network of people and local businesses. Writing lyrics about their
favorite places was an easy task!

Having written songs for global advertising campaigns including companies such as Coca-Cola,
Lyft and Facebook, Scott Fritz and Josh Jones teamed up to write a song about Woodstock. With
2020 being the year of Zoom meetings, this project was no exception. Josh worked with Scott
from his home base of Hawaii via text, email, and Zoom, and Scott and Bethany created the
foundation and final recording here in Woodstock.

“We moved to Woodstock from Chicago just over 3 years ago, and have never looked back. The
remarkable quality of people, charm, and community has reinforced how great of a decision our
move turned out to be.  When we were asked to write a song for our new hometown, we jumped at the chance to put to words and music exactly what brought us here, and why we are staying here. As professional composers, we’ve spent the last 15 years making music for some of the largest brands on the planet. To now be able to make music for our hometown stands shoulder to shoulder, in our eyes,
with anything we’ve done. People make a place, and we are more than happy to do what we can
for our community. So, our hope is that you tap your feet, hum along, and join us in celebrating
our community. Cheers!”
– Scott and Bethany Fritz