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Divided Labs Personal Training Center

Are you sick of not getting results? Have you tried other coaching programs only to be disappointed? That ends today.

Divided Labs® prides ourselves in bringing you the most qualified NASM certified coaches in the world to help you get the results you desire through individualized fitness programs. These individualized fitness programs are developed and tailored with your specific goals and lifestyle in mind. There are no cookie-cutter or recycled programs here – only custom programs designed to suit YOUR needs.

Your Divided Labs® coach will become your partner through all of this to help you connect the dots towards achieving your desired outcome. Each coach will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance through our 100% individualized fitness programs. Not only will you be provided with a custom training program through your Divided Labs® Coaching App interface but your highly-skilled certified coach will also give you helpful nutrition advice according to your specific goals.

It is a promise to be there with you and by your side the entire time – supporting you and keeping you on track. Your goal is your coaches goal and together you can make it happen!

What we offer:

Workout Programs: The word cookie-cutter belongs in the kitchen, not your workout program. Your coach will deliver an individualized fitness program specific to your goals, directly to your phone via your Divided Labs® Coaching App. This allows you to arrive at the gym fully prepared to complete your individualized fitness program every time you train.

Nutrition Guidance: Your nutrition needs to be specific to you and your goals. Your qualified coach will develop a nutrition program that will help you understand what you should be eating and how much. From there, your Divided Labs® Coaching App will integrate directly with MyFitnessPal or Fitbit to allow you and your coach the ability to monitor your eating habits and make any necessary adjustments as you progress.

Daily Connect: There may be questions that arise throughout your program. Your coach is available daily to chat with you through your Divided Labs® Coaching App to answer any and all questions you may have.

Check-Ins: Many people need someone to help them stay accountable on a weekly basis. That’s where your weekly check-ins come into play. Once a week you’ll connect with your coach and provide a recap to how your training is going, reassess your progress, and discuss any changes that might need to be made to your individualized fitness program.

In-Person Coaching: Do you live in or around the Woodstock, IL area? If so and are looking for one-on-one in-person coaching, we can accommodate your needs. Get the added accountability of having someone there with you during your workouts. You will get hands-on experience with a qualified fitness coach who will not only ensure you’re using proper form for each exercise but who will also help you push further and harder than you would on your own. In-person coaching is a great way to fast-track your results.

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