Woodstock Honors its Heros


The City of Woodstock is steeped in military tradition. This year, as Memorial Day approaches, the Uniform Project will make its return to the downtown area.

Woodstock resident and U.S. Army and Vietnam Veteran Butch Borchardt said, “The uniforms are here to honor those who gave their life in service – so that no one will ever forget their sacrifice.”

He worked tirelessly for three months, engaging local businesses and military families to make sure each veteran or family of a veteran who wanted to honor Memorial Day by lining the center of town with uniforms and remembrances could do so.

This year, over 60 uniforms or memorabilia of active duty or military veterans will be on display in 30 plus storefronts – a testament to the patriotic spirit that resonates from the beloved “Sentinel” rising above the center of the Square honoring Civil War soldiers and spills out to the many veterans memorials that lie throughout the City. Five branches of the military will be represented and displays will include families with multiple generations of service and the stories of many local male and female military veterans.

Memorial Day is a day to remember and reflect on the great sacrifices made.  Woodstock ensures that those who have gone before us are never forgotten.

Everyone is invited to visit these local businesses to read about the cost of freedom documented in the various biographies around the City.

Please find the map here.